Tantra Truth ☥


Tantra is weaving, expanding, and being fully aware of ourselves. Being fully aware of the consequence of every action, every thought, and every choice. And in how those actions, thoughts, choices, affect who we are and those around us. Looking honestly at yourself and the reasons why you make certain choices. By saying this in one way, am I hoping to manipulate an answer to one I want to hear? If I do this, will I be perceived as more loveable? What is my response or reaction to words or actions that trigger something in me? Not only being authentic in who you are with others, but more importantly, being open to yourself, being brave enough to face yourself and being loving enough not to judge what you may find there.

To expand, we must let go of attachment. We are inherently habitual creatures. Some of our habits and patterns are positive. But they also bind us in a place. There have been many times when I have held onto my attachment of how my relationships should be and my perception of how I wanted my life to be. But we lose our free will and we become controlled by them. When we finally grasp non-attachment to a partner, we open ourselves up to more love and acceptance. When we gain such freedom, remove any boxes society & ourselves confine us to, we are fearless and we expand. And the universe opens us to a multitude of possibilities.

By godisisluv

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