The Magick of Colors and Their Days ☥

Colors of the RainbowThe Magic in the Days of the Week and Their Colors

Face WEST at sunset and make a wish…

Facing to the WEST at sunset is an excellent way to get in touch with yourself, for stress relieving and clarification of the days confusion, for seeking out truths in the matter. The colors of the sunset each have a magickal effect, learn the colors for each day and use these to wish your desires. Some days they are GOLD, Orange, Yellow. Others they are RED, Purple and pink. USE these colors to your advantage:

The days have special energies to work on specific problems, create energies, and destroy obstacles. Use this color coding and days to create and manifest what you most desire.

Monday is a yin or receptive (female) energy the colors are White, silvers, Creams and Light Greys. These are the colors for women’s mysteries, protection, emotions, dreams, clairvoyance, home, family, medicine, female fertility, messages, theft and voyages. Subconscious healings, sisters, small animals and children, wives, instincts, the female side of the MALE and Mothers. The tree is the WILLOW

Tuesday is a YANG or (MALE) energy day, ruled by the planet Mars, its colors are REDS of all shades and some Oranges. These are the colors for courage, revenge, power over enemies, higher education, endurance, violence, fast action, surgery, breaking away of negative energies, matrimony, war, prison, hunting, politics and physical competitions, leadership, any BLOOD healing, lust and the Tree is the Holly Tree.

Wednesday is a YANG, or male energy ruled by the planet of communications, Mercury. Wednesdays colors are yellows, greys, violets, and opalescent colors. Wednesday has the energies of mental clarity, communications, writing, strategy, divination, young people, knowledge, business negotiations, teaching, addictions, reason, debt, fear, loss, self improvement and healings. This day is also good for groups and travel and the tree is the HAZEL.

Thursday is a YANG or male energy ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck. The colors are royal purple and royal Blue. This day has the energies of luck, growth, expansion, generosity, male fertility, olden men, masculine side of the female, legal matters, health, honor, wealth, clothing, desires, men’s professions and spiritual attainment, the Tree is the OAK.

Friday is female or YIN energy ruled by Venus the planet of love. Its colors are Pink, aqua, greens and pastels. Friday has the energies of love and pleasure, peace, romance, marriage, attraction, friendships, gentleness, ease, partnerships, art, music, sexual matters, affairs of the heart, physical beauty, scents and perfumes, social activities, women’s problems, protection and affairs. THE tree is the APPLE tree.

Saturday is female or YIN energy ruled by Saturn the energy of discipline and structure. Its colors are blacks, dark purples, dark gray, and Indigo. Saturday has the energies of obstacles to overcome a block, spirit communication, meditation, life, freedom, self-discipline, protection, but also limitations to give or break energies, locating lost items and people, the elderly, endings, death, the destroying of disease and pests, constricting and those constricting you, psychic defense. The tree is the ALDER.

Sunday is YANG or male energy ruled by the SUN, its colors are Oranges, yellows, golds, white and this day has the energies of health, leadership, healing, prosperity, self-knowledge, happiness, ego, hope, joy, strength, individuality, authority figures, fathers, husbands, protection, power and spirituality, promotions, power and fortune. The tree is the BIRCH.


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