Manifesting the GodIsIs ☥

goddess14“For whither thou goest, I will go.”
-the Book of Ruth

Life flows in waves of feminine energy.
There would be no life on Earth without the Mother. Nurturing always,
judging never, the Goddess is the embodiment of all growth and progress.
Mother Earth is fertile and ever-growing. The natural relationship of
the human to the Earth is receptivity. Balanced humans live in a
reciprocal, symbiotic relationship with their Mother: complementing,
enriching, expanding in waves of life, love and joy.

With the dominance of the ego in the
collective consciousness of the human race for the past five thousand
years, our relationship with Mother Earth has fundamentally shifted. The
ego wishes to own everything, to control everything. Ego-based human
beings no longer receive life in joy with one-pointed Faith; ego-based
human beings live in fear and therefore attempt to manipulate all of
life. Control of the Earth by the left-hemisphere, male-dominant,
ego-based collective consciousness of the human race has led us to the
threshold of global destruction. There is no question that this must
change; there is no question what the change must be; the only question
is how quickly this transformation can occur.

By godisisluv

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