Sex Magick

great_rite“Magic is the understanding of the subtle laws of the universe, through which one can manifest desired results with application of intention and will”.

Every spiritual path is usually composed of Occultism and Metaphysics.

Metaphysics is the search for the ultimate experience that can break one free of suffering.

This is the Satori of Zen, the Buddhist Nirvana and the Hindu Moksha (liberation).

Beside that most tradition develops a treasure of occult knowledge that is made to create favorable circumstances for the practitioners.

Most of the healing, divination and magic methods are coming originally from the great spiritual traditions of yore.

Be that Tarot or Reiki, Pranic Healing or Soul retrieval they are all based on Occult knowledge.

Tantra is a rich spiritual tradition that has both the Metaphysics and the Occult interwoven in it.

Tantra involvement with Energy (Shakti) and more specifically with sexuality made it very suitable for Magical use.

White Tantra, Red Tantra, Black Tantra

Tantra can be classified into 3 main Paths, White, Red and Black.

Tantra Magic is the same there exist black tantric Magic, red Magic and White magic.

Black Tantra is based on the dark faces of the goddess.

It can be a valid path for enlightment but more often than not it can be diverge in to a form of dark witchcraft that can lead to selfish manipulation of reality abusing cosmic laws.

Dark tantric can use their power to harm other people and influence people mind.

Arthur Avalon the renowned researcher of tantra was introduced to Tantra due to black tantra magic.

He used to serve as a Judge at the time Great Britten ruled India.

He was bewildered to see that he simply couldn’t set verdict in a specific case.

He found out that both participants in the conflicts has hired Tantric magician to influence his decision. This discovery has motivated him to explore the secrets of tantra.

What is Sexual Magic?

In order for “Magic” to happen one has to channel energy and focus it to specific purpose.

It is usually works through the intervention of astral spirits.

The Shaman who dances all night to bring the rain is simply giving energy to specific spirits that can “bring the rain”.

The Sexual energy is the most powerful energy for magical purpose.

It is one of the reasons sexual magic has a lot of restriction.

Any love making opens and astral door that can draw spirits and influences.

It is one of the reasons tantra masters don’t encourage “recreational” sex and many spiritual traditions promote celibacy.

The mind frequency during sex is multiply hundredfold, it is very important to make love with a positive mind set and intentions.

Sexual Magic is about arising sexual energy and focusing it on a purpose.

Some Black tantrics are proficient in summoning sexual astral spirits.(succubus and succubis).

This spirits can help in creating magical effects but they are not without ego and can harm their user.

White tantric works with pure spirits of light namely angels, Dakinis , Wisdom goddesses (Desha Maha vidya) and divinity itself .

Sexual Magic in Yoni Massage

The process of Yoni Massage is very suitable for Magic purpose.

Yoni Massage is basically a ritual for honoring the Divine feminine through the women vagina (yoni).

The massage giver transfigures the women to be an emanation of the goddess and her Yoni to be the opening to the womb of existence, where all things emerge from.

Through special massage techniques the giver bring the woman to deep , all body orgasms and offer the pleasure as sacrifices to the universal divine feminine spirit.

The giver and receiver experience ecstatic state of conciseness. They usually dedicate the merit to positive goal (world peace, true happiness, spiritual enlightment)

If the process is done right the massage giver create through the woman a direct channel to Shakti , in that transfiguration state any positive and sincere whish will manifest quickly as a worldly reality.

Sexual Magic in Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a ritualistic worship to the male divine presence (Shiva) through massage to a man body and most notably to his penis.

The lingam is the sacred name for the penis. It is the symbol of Shiva, the male godhead.

In lingam massages the massage giver transfigures the man to be Shiva and worship him by giving him pleasure.

If the massage is done right the giver achieve a direct connection with Shiva through the man.

Connection with Shiva is very helpful for spiritual purpose while connection with Shakti is more helpful for manifesting worldly change.

Sexual magic in tantric Love making

A Tantra Magic simple exercise:

Tantric magic can be done during sexual intercourse.

Full sexual magic ritual is very powerful and should be done with guidance and with very positive intentions.(helping all beings, world peace…etc)

A basic tantric practice for sexual magic is to think of a desired objective during love making.

The time of high sexual intensity connects the sub-conscious with the conscious , the high and the low, energy with consciousness.

It is a very useful time for activating a new positive program in your mind.

In order for such magic to work well men try to experience an non- ejaculation orgasm while women try to experience deep “valley” orgasms.

Non-ejaculation or internal orgasm is a state of bliss and expansion that last much longer than ordinary orgasm.

This type of orgasm increases our mental and spiritual capacity and allows tantra magic to be more effective.

Setting powerful and focus intention is an art. Doing it properly demands high level of concentration.

Tantric practitioners often use mantras, Yantras (spiritual diagrams) or sigils (magical symbols) for obtaining high level of concentration.

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