Happy Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere arrives Wednesday morning, March 20, 2013Birth-of-Spring_

This is the beginning of the astrological new year, although some purists will wait for the Aries New Moon on April 10th for that.

On this day of balance between light and dark, we emerge from our long winter’s sleep and open up to more sunlight and warmth.

There’s lots of stress in this chart but also some saving graces. The Sun enters Aries, the sign of the pioneer, the adventurer, the hero. It’s very close to both Mars and Uranus so expect the unexpected for at least the next 3 days – and probably 3 months.

Mars and Uranus will join up on Friday at 9* Aries: Two hands conjuring over a brilliant crystal ball. This image indicates we need to work with the imagination, with focused visualizations. Especially in light of the news right now, we could all focus some love and light toward the Middle East. We really don’t want this energy to be explosive, which it can be if approached unconsciously.

Mars and Uranus square both Pluto in Capricorn (which has been an ongoing square and will be until 2015) and the Moon in Cancer. The radical change demanded by the Uranus/Pluto square now hits home through the Cancer Moon. We have to change the way our governments and financial institutions do business. There will be plenty of trouble in the next 3 months around finances but also around the environment. The Moon is in Cancer opposite Pluto, so dig deep within for our inner, spiritual resources to get us through these next months. The Moon’s square to Mars and Uranus challenges them to act in a more nurturing way. Or else, their energy will drain our emotions–ie, we’ll get upset! Think wild boys and a tired mother. The only way to slow them down is to tell them a story. So lets find a new story for the Spring Equinox.

The grand trine in the 3 Water signs, Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune, Mercury, Chiron and Venus in Pisces, will help us find that more nurturing story. We need to use our imaginations to find answers to our pressing problems. This calming water trine will help us to go within and meditate, so we can send out energy and light through the collective unconscious.

The story might entail the two swords that are in this chart. There are 2 YODS, called the Finger of God or the Sword in the Stone. It is a fateful aspect, but only if you remain unconscious. If you would be King or Queen of your own life, you need to focus and draw those swords out of the stone.

The first sword is made up of Saturn in Scorpio sextiling Pluto in Capricorn with their point at Jupiter in Gemini. Saturn and Pluto have exchanged homes for the moment, so they’re happy to work together. Saturn is finally cleaning out the mess in Scorpio — left-over violence, betrayal, anger, hurt. Time to see what we learned from those hard emotions and let them go. It’s time for an emotional rebirth, just in time for Easter.

We all can see what Pluto is doing to Saturn’s Capricorn structures–he’s taking his recking balls to decaying structures. Change won’t happen overnight, but at least we can see what needs re-structuring now. Jupiter in Gemini says, let’s expand our understanding of the universe, each other, and ourselves. Let’s look at our limiting beliefs and let them go. Let’s give ourselves room to grow. Perhaps this is the Sword of Truth.

The second sword has at its base Jupiter in Gemini and Mars/Uranus in Aries. Hopefully Jupiter can give all that Aries energy ideas to work on–they need something to do to keep them out of trouble. The point of the sword is Saturn in Scorpio. This sword needs to clean up its act. Perhaps like Excalibur, this sword will help defend what we believe in.

Get ready to move ahead now that Mercury is direct, but remember it’s still in watery Pisces until April 13th. Listen to your dreams, imagine what you’ll do with those swords and plan to jump into the fray by the middle of April.

The Cosmos is with us. We just have to remember to align ourselves with the heavens.

By godisisluv

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