Sex or Love?

1.Sex is physical; love is spiritual.
2.Love gives. Sex only wants to get.
3.The moment sex comes in, love goes out.
4.In sex, bodies were meeting; in love, souls are meeting.
5.If you move into sex with awareness, it can turn into tantra.
6.Sex can reach love only when meditation is there, otherwise not.
7.Sex plus awareness… and something tremendous starts changing.
8.Sex is the lowest form of love, compassion the highest form of love.
9.Transform your sex into love, and transform your love into prayer.
10.Sex is like darkness in your being. It can exist only if you are unaware.
11.The question is how to transform sex into love, then jealousy disappears.
12.Dig into sex and you will find love. Go deep into love and you will come to prayer.
13.Only love and sex in their totality, accepted, blissfully enjoyed, can bring orgasm.
14.Sex creates jealousy; find, discover love. Don’t make sex the basic thing — it is not.
15.When sex arises, create love — they are the same energy — and walk from sex to love.
16.Sex is unconscious, earthly, the lowest form of love. Love is conscious, higher than sex.
17.Love comes only when sex has gone. Before that, love is just a lure, a foreplay, and nothing else.
18.Buddha wants you to transform sex energy, not to repress it, because it is the only energy you have got.
19.Observe sex; don’t discard it. Be aware of it. Move into it with full awareness and go on trying to find out what the innermost core of it is.
20.If jealousy is there, know well there is no love. You are playing a game, you are hiding sex behind love. Love is just a painted word, the reality is sex.
21.Sex has to be transformed — neither repressed nor madly indulged. And the only possible way to transform sex is to be sexual with deep meditative awareness.
22.Love is the basis of sex. If you deprive people of love completely, sex becomes perverted. Meditation is the basis of mind. If you deny meditation, the mind goes mad.
23.A woman is not much interested in sex. She is much more interested in warmth, in cuddling, in friendliness, in love. Man is much more interested in sex.
24.As sex disappears you will find authentic love growing in you. Sex is not love; it is just a fallacy, a blindness. You are tricked by biology into believing that this is love.
25.Make your love a really festive affair, don’t make it a hit and run affair. Dance, sing, play music — and don’t let sex be cerebral. Cerebral sex is not authentic; sex should be spontaneous.
26.I am not saying renounce sex, I am saying transform it. It need not remain just biological: bring some spirituality to it. While making love, meditate too. While making love, be prayerful. Love should not be just a physical act; pour your soul into it.
27.You condemn sex, then you become unable to transform its energy. And it is simply energy. It can move in any direction, downwards, upwards. If you accept it, in the very acceptance it starts moving upwards, because you are befriending it. The moment you reject it, you are creating an enmity, a division in yourself.

By godisisluv

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