Full Moon in Libra 3-27-13

imagesCA3AEIM1Tonight’s Full Moon in Libra will synchronize with climaxes, resolutions, and confirmations within the realm of relationships that all work to establish peace, justice, equality, and solidarity. Some relationships will not survive because they are so grossly imbalanced and because their time has come to end. Many of us will receive confirmations about significant others in our dreams, God’s way of reassuring us in His mysterious way.

Under this moon’s brilliant light we are wise to assess the health of our life relationships, weigh them justly for imbalances, and strive to make personal changes which welcome greater levels of harmony and trust into our lives. Those who are adverse to the Libran virtues will experience endings, losses, and hardships. As our connections with other people are re-balanced we should deepen bonds with those with whom we resonate or with whom have been proven.

Of special mention is the fact that the universe thrives on the equal exchange of energy. An excellent point of contemplation tonight is on this very truth. Do I give as I receive? Do I give so that I may receive? Am I just in my dealings? Am I biased or objective in my handling of scenarios? Do I interface as well as I could with other people? Do I keep to my commitments or promises? These are all timely and important questions to meditate on tonight.

In Libra, the domain of dispute and controversy, we contend with open enemies. Under this Full Moon many decisions and resolutions will come forth to settle turbulent matters. Some will be shocked because of the upsets without realizing that from a higher level, they are lacking in Light, which is how we are all measured by God. Expect these things to unfold beneath and in the two days beyond this Full Moon.

Let us recommit ourselves to spiritually rich relationships tonight, free from mundane controversies that impair the exchange of the divine gifts and potentials we all carry from benefiting those with whom we find in our lives. Through serving others we are serving God and through the strength of our bonds we can more quickly create ideal lives. As this Libra Moon peaks with light, let us work together toward God’s delight.

Your cosmic partner,

By godisisluv

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