Awaken Kundalini

The craving we see for pornography today perhaps reflects a deeper need. A longing for initiation into the secrets of the subtle body and Kundalini’s activation and ascent- ways to take the activated energy into all aspects of our being and integrate our ecstasy.

The first thing the Goddess shows us is to approach everything from the heart. If your heart is open and filled only with love, it is a good magnet to draw the energy to it and so flood the body with sublime sensation. Without that, the sexual stimulous and release is but a reaction, a spasm of muscles, a ‘getting off’, but not really ‘getting on’. On the beam, in the zone, to feel and be part of the great ecstasy of creation. I believe that grand connection is what the longing is really about, and we are accepting ‘first level’ substitutes because there isn’t anything better. But there could be, Goddess Tantra is here to make it happen.

It is a wholistic approach that provides ways and means for an individual to live their whole life as a dynamic process of spirituality in action. It embraces everything and puts no limitation on human potential. That makes it very exciting. It does, however, put a strong emphasis on the accessing and channeling of libidinous energy, for that is our root, core energy of creation, the same energy that can become enlightened revelation. Tantra deals with powerful energies, you need rocket fuel if you want to reach the stars.

‘Kundalini’ comes from the root word ‘kunda’, meaning ‘pool’. It is the primal pool of liquid fire within each one of us. To access our own inner resource of ‘free energy’, Goddess Tantra courts and seduces the goddess within. Awakened Kundalini will not only impact your sex life in a dynamic way, she will infuse everything in your life with vibrancy, more joy, more bliss. You will feel more awake, more alive in general. There is an element of surrender necessary for any tantric practitioner, surrender of the self and all its holdings to the illuminated goddess within. The ego and all its limitations need to step aside and let Kundalini take control. And if you understand that the energy is not separate from you, but lies within you, then what is to fear in losing control?

Some of the basic principles of Goddess Tantra as it pertains to the yoga of joining with Kundalini:

Love your body as your Temple. It is both physical – the flesh and its senses, and subtle – the immortal body of light.
A divine goddess lives within you who is both erotic bliss and enlightened consciousness. Do all you can to make your temple her suitable abode.
See all your existence as various forms of making love. Open your heart to everything.
Develop the mental atmosphere conducive to divine encounters. Replace negative thought forms with positive new programs. Release old holdings and emotional patterns by going straight to source and surrendering to your inner goddess. Empower her with all the deepest aspirations of your soul.
Know that the goddess within you is a part of the Great Goddess of all creation. If fears arise as energies are released, call to Her with all your heart and she will bring you all you need.936108_158186287683705_23958760_n

By godisisluv

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