GodIs Oshun

Goddess of Love, Creativity and Sensuality

She’s another all-go Yoruba Goddess with many different aspects to her character. She can turn from curing the sick and promoting fertility to being the Goddess of Luxury and Love.

OSHUN delights in the pleasures of the senses and blesses all forms of artistry, whether in the kitchen, the studio, the garden or the bedroom. Known as The Modest One, she’s wonderfully delicate and bashful — when she’s not consorting with SHANGO, that is.

She also does divination with shells and loves to decorate herself with beautiful beads and such. She is her very own fashion show.

OSHUN has her very own freshwater river, whose gentle twists and turns symbolize the sensual movements of her very female self. She’s very popular with modern pagans, and no wonder. We’re quite keen on her ourselves.

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