Agenisz-The Doula

Since 2001, Agenisz has been drawn to the art & technique of being a Doula, knowing that this was her calling she began to study, read, research and prepare to step into her duty and gaining her certification through CAPPA. In 2003 she was blessed with the conception of her children. Along the journey to birth she crossed paths with a “Angel” Doula, while swimming in the pool at the local gym a woman approached her and introduced her self as a Doula and offered her services for Free to assist in the delivery of the twins, Elated & overwhelmed Agenisz knew that this was meant to be. Savon & Se’ven were divinely delivered August 30th 2003, naturally, no drugs, no intervention, no fear, no pain, just her and her “Angel” Doula breathing into being her two little Kings.

Due on her Birthday but came 4 days early on Labor day weekend thanks to (Evening Primrose) & walking in the pool. A miracle happened; that day in that room, The twins were born at a whopping 6.10pds and 6.3pds the first time this staff had delivered full term twins able to go home with their mother, Baby B born breach and Baby A basically delivered himself, as the Doctor hurriedly prepared to catch him on his way out of the womb and into the world. With Dolphin music playing, low lights and a crystal filled room The “Angel” Doula, Agenisz and her mom guided these babies through the passage and to the breast. After the delivery of the babies Agenisz never saw the Doula again and to this day does not have any information as to who she was or where she may be, this experience changed her life forever. Today she is committed to making sure as many women and families as possible have the opportunity to experience a “Divine Deliverance.”

Agenisz “”The “Doula”

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