Raise Your Vibration Through Foods☥

All food, especially raw food, has a high percentage of water.  Our bodies are approximately 70% water.  Masaru Emoto from Japan has done extensive research about how words as vibrations change the structure of the water crystals. We highly recommend his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”.  Saying positive words such as “love” or “gratitude” create beautiful crystal structures in the microscopic photos of water.  Saying words with a lower frequency such as “hate” or “stupid” create disharmonic structures in the water.  Be careful of your words and thoughts – since our body is 70% water, words can change the structure of us on a cellular level as well!  Give your food and water beautiful structures and higher vibration before consuming!

Before eating your meal, to raise the vibration of the food and to give thanks to Spirit/Universe, hold your hands palm down over your food and send love and gratitude to the food, the cook, and the farmer or animal that provided the food.  Say, “Love and Gratitude” (or whatever feels good to you) to the Spirituality food.  Eat the highest quality and organic local food that you can find to raise your spiritual vibration.  Bless the food before eating to give it an even higher vibration – amazing spirituality food!  Food that gives you a vibrant body, being, and life!



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