Raise The VIBRATION Of Your Food ☥

Even though each food has its own innate vibrations or life force, we can dramatically shift it’s vibration and in turn, our consciousness with these 6 simple tips. Happy Eating!

1. Create a loving cooking environment. View your kitchen as a sacred place. Keep it as clean and orderly as you would a temple. You may want to have a little “kitchen altar” with candles, flowers, crystals, photos of your loved ones, spiritual teachers, etc. This will dramatically raise the vibration of your space and the food in which you are preparing there.

2. Prepare your food with a quiet, peaceful mind. Prayer and meditation will help you cook with a centered, positive attitude and loving heart. Practice gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness as you cook, infusing everything you prepare with all of those positive vibes. View food preparation as a self-offering and service to yourself and others and watch them light up with love.

3. Make your eating environment pleasant and peaceful. Light a candle, have flowers on the table and turn off the TV! It is best to eat in silence, so you can eat mindfully. But, if you are going to converse, consider the energy of your words. Speak about topics that uplift and inspire. If you listen to music, use soft, calming music. I like to imagine, how I would eat if God were my dinner guest.

4. Bless your food—not as a mere ritual, but with conscious appreciation and gratitude. “Grace”, in many homes, has become a forgotten practice. Saying grace is a time of letting go of the day and coming back to the present moment with complete awareness and gratitude for the gift of food. I visualize the light of the Divine channeling through my crown chakra (top of the head) and flowing through my arms and out of my hands, infusing the food with light and love. Then I say a simple prayer of gratitude … “Thank you and blessings to all those that have contributed to bringing this food before us. Please fill this food with love and light so we may spread more love and light throughout the world.” Anything that gives thanks and expresses your gratitude will do.

5. Focus on chewing your food thoroughly; this will help you assimilate its physical nutrients as well as it’s prana (life force). Yogis say that the life force of the food is actually absorbed through the tongue while the nutrients are assimilated through the intestinal tract. So Mom was right when she told me to chew my food at least 20 times before swallowing it:).
6. When eating out, consider the energy of the place in which you are eating. How does it feel to you when you walk in? Notice the servers/owners/cooks/chefs. Do they seem to be joyful, kind, considerate; doing a labor of love, or do they seen to be just doing a job? Does the restaurant mention how the food is prepared or where it comes from? Do they use organic foods of animals that we free range or treated humanely?

One comment on “Raise The VIBRATION Of Your Food ☥

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