GodIsis Ascending Transformation ॐ


Namaste! My name is Tamara Garcia. I am a GodIs Life guider, and Founder of GodIsis Ascending.

As a guider, I work with spiritually-conscious, heart-centered women to teach them how to create prosperity mentally first; how to use invisible ideas to produce visible, tangible results – from the inside out – the only way to have life-sustaining prosperity.

My spiritual evolution has been continuous and will have no end. I have had many experiences in this lifetime with many twist and turns but, I guess that’s what it’s all about right…it’s the journey (and the life-long lessons) that matter most. At this time in my life, I feel as if I have finally awakened to something that makes me feel A-L-I-V-E and I have a Divine purpose that I can’t wait to share with you.

I am a multiple-passionate person. Amongst many things, I enjoy being a God~is, present and sensual, becoming aware about healing and alternative healing modalities, living a spirit-filled life, embracing the gift of life, creating awareness, and being a catalyst for change. I also love to explore my body and the deepest parts of my self, my body is art to me and I embrace her to the fullest. Sensuality is where I base my foundation and do everything as if it was an orgasm, whether it be food, getting dressed, dancing, etc…it’s all sensual to me. I also love the arts, all things metaphysical, and most things natural and earthy.

The veil is being lifted to live my life with love and awareness and the innerstanding that this is all my creation. I embrace my unique essence…Giving myself permission to really LIVE “MY” life unapologetically.

As I continue to evolve spiritually, I am on a new journey. I have learned (and continue to learn) new skill sets; blending them with ones that I have already acquired to build a new life and a new career doing the things that I love most; teaching others. I am passionate about integrating living prosperously with Spiritual Development and I am equally passionate about helping others recognize their dreams and developing an action plan to achieve personal success… And I’m taking you with me!

The processes, tips, and techniques I speak and write about can be used by people from all walks of life to improve their emotional, physical, spiritual and financial conditions…to move out of lack and limitation, to overcome obstacles, and to become magnetic to an abundantly prosperous life.

My guiding practice teaches a paradigm shift in the way you think about creation. You will learn how to become magnetic to unlimited abundance through focusing on the energy and pure essence of what you want to attract in your life for your Mind, Body, and Spirit. I offer simple, step-by-step processes and techniques that you can begin to apply in your life, in the present moment, to experience abundance in every area of your life. My hope is to touch as many lives as possible with a spiritual message of hope and empowerment in creating the life of your dreams.


6 comments on “GodIsis Ascending Transformation ॐ

  1. Eye live in Florida eye see your here now eye would like to build while you’re here call me I’m going to send my number to your inbox on Facebook

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