GodIs Ascending Transformation FAQ’s

Triple Goddess
Spiritual Life Guider FAQ

Namaste….my Spiritual Guided sessions helps you experience a more holistic approach to life by combining the elements of mind, body and soul to achieve a true sense of inner happiness, purpose and connection with yourself. Problems usually stem from a lack of alignment resulting in low physical, mental and emotional health side effects.

Why choose a Spiritual Guider?

Because it will help you get the changes you want in your life faster and more effectively. Tamara Garcia’s unique abilities will help to resonate with the problems that are holding you back, find the strategies and move on with your life goals, desires, relationships with renewed passion, self- confidence, ability and zeal, focusing your energies on what you want your life to be like.

How does it work?

Stage 1: Assessing what the issues and problems are
Stage 3: Realizing the changes by setting achievable goals
Stage 4: Acquiring the tools and strategies to help you make the right choices
Stage 5: Embracing a new way and a new you

How long does it take / how many sessions will I need?

Each stage has to run its own course in order for progress to occur. For some people the issues are obvious and so it is possible to move on to the next stage. Some are so in the problem that they cannot identify what is bothering them and so more work is needed in the assessment stage. Everything depends on the individual and their level of awareness. Sessions are one hourly and usually weekly sessions work best for speedy progress.

Is there any preparation needed before my session?

The best thing you can do is to come to the sessions with an open mind. Progress depends on honesty and trust. You may take notes and you will be given tasks to complete for the next session to unlock the solution process.

How long are the consultations?

Phone consultations and in-person consultations are one hourly and occasionally where the need arises, two hourly consultations can be arranged.

Do you do consultations on evenings or weekends or just during the day?

Currently consultations can be booked weekly M-F. If you absolutely cannot make it during those times, let me know and I will arrange an out of hours time. Simply contact me for availability.

Do you offer consultations for people outside the US?

Yes, I offer consultations internationally.

Will our conversation be confidential?

Yes, we will be the only people who will know about the content of the consultations.

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