One on One Guidance

water_goddesses_by_dnay-d36ijn7What to expect in the One on One Guidance

Together we will:

1. Help You To Focus. We all have ideas and spiritual growth opportunities around us all the time. A guider will help you to put your inside and outsides in synchronization to become more centered.

2. Feel Better About Yourself. You will learn that taking time for yourself is even more important than anything else you do. With a healthy balance and personally empowering rest periods, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

3. Clarify What You Want From Life. You will find your true path in life and set a course to getting there. Its easier than you think!

4. Provide Accountability. When you work with another person who has experienced spiritual growth, you will be able to stay on track and to follow through with your life plans, its so much easier to grow when you can share with one who understands the challenges and blessings of working with their divine team.

5. Become More Authentic. As you make internal changes, the world will begin to see you differently. You will be amazed that by changing your attitude, the world’s attitude will seem to change, too. You will attract people, things, and events to you that are more than ever before in agreement with your own truth.

6. Decide What Matters Most. You will find what is really important to you and how to create a vision that will make what matters to you a reality.

7. Create A Support Network. Working with a Spiritual Guider is like having a go-between. What you couldn’t, or didn’t know how to do for yourself, will be discussed, enhanced, and explained as you work together.

8. Get Spiritually Fit. Whatever your goals, desires, or visions, a Spiritual Guider will help you create a strategic plan that will work for you. Part of having a great life is to balance your body, mind, and spirit. To be spiritually fit is to know who you are within and without.

9. Create A Plan. Many of you may be spiritually gifted in ways you don’t even realize. A Spiritual Guider will help you recognize your own capabilities and how to live your divine plan. You will be helped to set in motion how you can work for a better world.

10. Create Balance. We cannot be our best selves if we are stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, or confused. A Spiritual guider will help you to take charge and to create your best life and to ‘be the person you were born to be.

Contact GodIsis Ascending at (678) 786-9307 or at Buddha Bliss

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