Third Eye Chakra-OM

Third Eye
“brow chakra”,”intuitive center”, “consciousness center”, “seat of oneness”

sanksrit name: ajna (to perceive, to know)
mantra: be intuitive
symbol: violet lotus with 2 petals
color: indigo blue or violet
location: between the eyebrows
corresponding hormonal gland: pituitary gland
associated anatomy: brain, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, pineal gland
characteristics: wisdom, imagination, intuition, knowledge
third eye chakra life issues: ability to focus your intelligence, to know who & what contribute to your highest good & greatest joy, to distill wisdom from your life experience (both good & difficult), choose health, joy, life, & fulfillment in every aspect of your life
affected by: the past, present, & future, beliefs about spirits/angels
physical activities: yoga, tai chi, qi going
spiritual activities: thinking clearly about your life, reading or viewing uplifting & positive books & material, reflection, contemplation, meditation, creative use of your imagination
musical note: A


When this sixth chakra experiences a blockage, one may suffer from frequent nightmares and headaches, poor eyesight, lack of concentration and sometimes even migraines.

If the 6th chakra is not balanced, you have the potential to be a cold intellectual who trusts only reason and logic and is manipulative when it comes to getting what you want.

When this chakra is blocked, you are undisciplined, an underachiever with a possible predisposition to schizophrenic breakdown.


Grief or personal pain may be a problem that is blocking this chakra.


Look through the characteristics of both excessive and deficient energy flow;

Excessive energy- Spins fast(no harmony)





religiously dogmatic

overpowering others

living in fantasy world

too logical and authoritarian

Deficient energy – Spins slow (no harmony)




afraid of success

inability to focus

non assertive, undisciplined

oversensitive to feelings of others

schizophrenic (unable to distinguish between Ego self and Higher self)


Physical Imbalances



bad eyesight

Brain tumors

lack of clarity

mental illness

Sinus problems

Headaches (sinus)

psychic exhaustion

Eye and visual problems

Central nervous system problems

Physical Malfunctions


poor vision

bad dreams

ear problems

lack of focus

skull pressure

sinus problems

Psychological Imbalances




Inability to focus

Severe retardation

Extreme confusion

Psychotic behavior

Poor visual memory

Intelligence deficiencies

Living in a fantasy world

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