Dedicated to Agenisz ☥


She is, I AM, One

Her Strength is in her hair, face like a golden sun disc, prescense as graceful and fluid as water.  She has learned to smile despite the pain. Dance despite the rain.  Glow depsite the shame.

She is, I AM, One.

Different in appearance yet the same due to experience, wrapped in our wisdom, cloaked in our courage and fierce in our game. Clever due to resilence and wise due to past tears crashing into pacific waves, coastal parallels coinciding, While I’m banked on the Atlantic station keeping the balance intact, our spirits attract in the ether before matter, a fellow sistar from similar galactic dust, from the jump… we trust, that our intentions are pure that our plight is the same, spiritual acension, no games,

She is, I AM, One.

A Goddess by bloodline, a natural mystic  blowing through the air, sensual by desgin we don’t mean no harm by being fine, its our birthright to shine, a melodic whisper from the Queen could heal your soul or take your last breath. The answer is in what is the days energy, is the moon new or full, what quest has she been set upon, this may be your first encounter with such a rebel empress but know that she will impress upon you a mental tattoo designed to last a lifetime, her assignment is simple… heal through love by any means neccesary.

She is, I AM, One.

Hip hop in her heart, Reggae in her wind, Jazz in her coolness she is simply divine, from stamped with sacred ink to always adorned in royal trinkets we are all of it, don’t box me in, I stand squared ready to pivot in any direction, a world travler, I view things in 5D where your going Ive already seen, A seer by birth, and intuit by nature, I am empathic to the secrets you keep and keen to your desires. Like Oshun I will baptize you in my waters, yet always know like Kali I keep a silver sword. Shakti & Isis rule above & below.

She is, I AM, One.

Queens sent to raise Royal Kings, our plight is similar, remain a upright woman and rule with a upright man. However at times the mission seems impossible. We must keep the faith and in the most high’s hand we lay all questions, concerns and burdens that come our way. Our strength is in our resilience like the lioness, the mother cat we always, allways land on our feet. The challenge is the treat, to conquer it we defeat all inner fears, no prisioners and no retreat.  Like the phoenix we rise and like the butterfly we transform breaking out of the norm, we have trancended any thought you may have had of who we use to be, currently we stand holding the recipe to our infinte eternity. A cup of love, a dash of humility, a pound of integrity, ¾ charity, and a lifetime of loving me.

She is, IAM, ONE.


Written by Agenisz 9/25/2012

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