The Colors Of The Rainbow-Chakras ☥


Blocked chakras coincide with certain psychological issues—with certain existential biases that the one has adopted in their relationship to reality. These existential biases inhibit the wider range of self-awareness and action available to the patient, restricting it to a limited range of expression. . . .The manner in which the energy in the chakra system (and the body) is similarly restricted, and cannot operate freely and effectively at certain levels, reflects the corresponding way in which the entire life process has become restricted. . . . Unblocking chakras, in concert with other techniques, often provides a great deal of emotional healing and spiritual healing for the patient, and prevents physical disease, too.

In the most basic terms, chakras are energy centers in the body. We have seven of them:

1.Muladhara (the root chakra)

2.Swadhisthana (the sacral chakra)

3.Manipura (the solar plexus chakra)

4.Anahata (the heart chakra)

5.Vishuddha (the throat chakra)

6.Ajna (the third eye chakra)

7.Sahasrara (the crown chakra)

Working with our chakras – even as symbols of how we treat ourselves – gives us an opportunity to create real transformation within us. Visualize the connection between your chakras, and you take a step toward Building a Bridge between what may seem like disconnected parts of yourself, but are actually intrinsically linked.

For instance, when the link between your heart and throat chakras is blocked, you will have trouble communicating your feelings and intentions clearly. Yoga asanas or breathing exercises that serve to open up the chakras and connect them together can help you bring attention and awareness to your lines of communication.

The fact that this energy system is typically illustrated with beautiful drawings and vivid colors and symbols shows how the chakras are integral to your own creative nature (and you do have one).



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