Buddha Bliss Sensual Massages

Welcome to Buddha Bliss


Custom Massage- 45 Minutes

Custom massage therapy puts together just the right techniques to ensure that all your individual needs will be met. This is just the right reason to get your massage from Buddha Bliss Mobile Massage specialist. Perfectly trained to know exactly what you need is the way to benefit the most from your appointment. So why go with anyone else?

Relaxation Massage- 45 Minutes

Enjoy a soothing basic relaxation massage. When receiving the massage, I create a calming, romantic and intimate setting complete with soft lighting, candles, and soothing relaxation music that I will provide. This treatment is great for a special occasion, surprise, or just to share a relaxing hour.

Hot Stone Massage- 45 Minutes

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where I wil be using smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of my ownhands, or by placing them on the body while I massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so I can work more deeply, more quickly.

Lingam and Yoni Massage- 45 Minutes

The purpose of the Lingam or Yoni Massage is to create a space where the receiver can relax, and receive expanded pleasure. Lingam and Yoni massages assist in men and woman to heal from negative sexual conditioning and trauma. Guided energy will be focused on this area at all times.

Sexual Reflexology- 1 hour

There is one way of looking at sex that is negative, shameful and narrow. Then there’s another way that when done properly can take you all the way to infinity.

Sexual Reflexology moves reflexology beyond the realm of foot massage and into the realm of sexuality. It is based on the principle of using our sexual reflex points in lovemaking to heal the rest of our body.
So if you’re one who holds sex as a dirty act or refuses to engage based on your learned fears you may want to rethink this beautiful, pleasurable and power act in which every living creature came through. For it is the pathway that we can return to for renewed life!


Buddha Bliss Philosophy

“Tension is created by who you think you should be…..Relaxation is who you are.”

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